If you like relaxing comfortable and stylish at the same time while being at the beach, camping, spa or just at your home you are absolutely at the right spot at O-BREAK.

O-BREAK wil make your very personal Ponshow in the colors you like and the length you wish to wear. We want you to feel good during your surf and kite break as much as on your hang-over weekend day. Feel stylish when you’re at the camping of your favourite summer festival and absolutely shine at the spa between the sauna heats.

Hand made in the Netherlands O-BREAK and its Ponshow try to provide the best quality of material using 100% cotton which feels nice on your skin and is easy to wash.

We are proud of our Eco Ponshows for kids and adults which are made from unbleached cotton which is produced under GOTS (*) conditions and which we get from Pure Fabricz.  Besides these two O-BREAK Ponshow models making you feel good because of their sustainability the awesome material they are made of is perfect for people with sensitive skin. It prevents allergic reactions which can appear with clothes which are treated with all kind of chemicals before they are sold in shops.

The board bags are made from NanoTex Fabric which comes with an eco label. This means its guaranteed that the production of this fabric brings as little as possible harm to our environment. For the carrying strap we use outranged car seat belts which we get from a little car junkyard just outside Amsterdam. We clean them in Neutral washing device and make them ready to fit on your sustainable custom made board bag.

The Jersey we use for the extra light Ponshows and partly for the kids Ponshows is tested by Confidence in Textiles for harmful substances and fulfills the Oeko – Standard norm.

The sewing of all our products is happening at our little studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands and at the moment we’re communicating with Meraki employment agency for refugees Den Hague to find more professional tailors making our Ponshows, bags, curtains and gadgets. Our slogan is: No long airplane flights for the production of O-BREAK products!

As we’re just starting from scratch we promise to research the sustainability of  all our products especially concerning the growth of cotton plants and the procedure of making and coloring the terry.  We wil keep you up to date about this progress which we hope to make as fast as possible. We want to be part of  1% for the planet and our main goal is to make all our products bluesign standard. 

And if by coincident you read this and happen to be into sustainable hennep and bamboo textile production please let us know, we are very much interested into materials using little water during their complete production while also being strong and long lasting.

Meanwhile dear visitor lean back and take your time to choose the colors for your Ponshow and board bag, if you don’t succeed or have any questions just let us know.

O-BREAK is looking forward to make the perfect chill-gear for you!

(* ) “The Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS is the worldwide  leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain”          6.juli 2018         www.global-standard.org

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