Make Your Own Ponshow!



Choose your favorite colors and let us know which combination would be perfect for you. Send us an email saying: UPPER COLOR from model X, LOWER COLOR from model Y. If it’s not clear we can either email or whatsapp via our customer service. We’ll try to answer in 24 hours after you send us a message.


We also have Long Sleeve Ponshow’s which you can order in your own design. Go to ‘Long Sleeve Ponshow Smoothie’ for the price. Than e-mail us at sea, call us on +31 6 82 37 39 89 or send us a message on instagram ponshow_break. We will make the Ponshow YOU want!


All Ponshow’s are made of Terry Fabric with long loops which absorb a large amount of water, perfect voor beach, lake, camping, spa and wakeboard or surf parc.


Quality: 100% Cotton

Weight: 350 grams/m2


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